SAR and Authority Vessels

Special tasks and projects are handled by our in-house design department using the latest technical standards and innovations in order to find the best possible solutions for the requested products, whether ships, yachts or components, e.g. for the wind industry.

The experience of our team and its creativity guarantees professional performance for our product.

This has been proven with our 24 – 41 m yachts built in the last decade and is now being applied to the current projects of 10 – 70m authority vessels. Thus TAMSEN MARITIM is proud to quote for your new build project.

We assure you, the project will be handled with German efficiency, industriousness and sense of responsibility and guarantee delivery of a high-quality product with long-lasting value.

Actually we prove this relationship with the German SAR team (DGzRS) by a serial production of special purpose boats.

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