Quality – Environment – Safety

Guarantees of quality, environmental consciousness and safety aspects are three very important pillars and the quality requirement at TAMSEN MARITIM regards it as particularly important to have the appropriate certifications in these areas that based upon and complies with international ISO:

Quality Management

In terms of quality management, the focus is on ISO 9001 and consistently meeting the requirements associated with quality management. The objective of the quality management department is to manage, develop, constantly improve and document this system. Another task assigned, is determining which processes are required for quality assurance, among other things for the production and sales departments, as well as with administrative functions such as procurement and human resources. It is possible to ensure and continually improve quality, product safety and consumer satisfaction for the whole value-added chain.

Health & Safety

Safety is one of our core values and we believe that by working together with integrity, we will create an incident-free TAMSEN MARITIM workplace for our employees and partners every day, everywhere. Our goal is to achieve zero accident, no harm to people, no damage to property and no harm to environment.
We can make this a reality if we have the right attitude to health, safety, environmental and security management: by following instructions and procedures, by upholding our own high standards; by helping others who are new to a worksite and by openness, good communication and training.

Environmental Management

Due to the demanding repair and new construction business at TAMSEN MARITIM, the management of the wastewater, control of emissions, exhaust air, dust and odors are considered as the main environmental influences.

TAMSEN MARITIM attaches great importance to sustainable shipbuilding and accordingly constructions of environmentally friendly vessels in order to meet its responsibility towards the environment. Complying with the law, we continuously update our policies and procedures and improve our practices to minimize the impact on the entire lifecycle of ships and therefore on our environment.

The facilities are designed with a drainage network throughout the entire site, a collection network for oil-contaminated and black waters, settling tanks, anti-pollution barriers, waste collection and a waste sorting system. In addition to being equipped with roof vents, chimneys, filters, air-circulation filters, exhaust gas purification with a central supply and exhaust air system, TAMSEN MARITIM monitors the emissions releases and noise levels that occur due to its activities via annual measurements.

System Certificates


Quality Management System

Manufacture of fibre reinforced Plastics (FRP)

Approval of Manufacturer Certificate
Manufacture of fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) in
Accordance with DNV rules for ships, high-speed and light crafts and components made of FRP

Product-specific and welding certificates / approvals

DIN 2303 (military products)

Welding and brazing of hull structures
Welding and brazing of machinery components
Welding and brazing of piping systems

DIN 9606-1

Welder´s Qualification Test Certificates according to DIN EN ISO 9606-1 for non-magnetic steel 1.3964.9

DIN EN 10204 Works certificate 2.2

Restamping authorization according to DIN EN 10204 and acceptance test certificate acc. to 3.1 and 3.2

General documents / approvals

JH 143 Shipyard Risk Assessment

Warranty by Halyard Risk BV

Certified Shipyard Survey analyzing site conditions, management, policies and procedures, geographical and environmental risks, safety, management of subcontractors, management of projects and claims record

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